Big catch up

Just had the urge to update this blog and realized it’s been exactly a year…here’s what I’ve been up to:

I scored and sound designed this hour-long radio piece on the poet Franz Wright, produced by Bianca Giaever and Jay Allison:

I’m no longer playing with The Westerlies, but a few last things I was involved in came out:

– this in-studio performance with Theo Bleckmann

– this in-studio performance with Kate Davis

– we played on this track by Samora Pinderhughes and Common, from the soundtrack to the film The Tale

– we played on a few tracks from the new Nick Murphy (formerly Chet Faker) album. I have a bit of a featured flugelhorn part at the top of this song:

I put out a music video for my twig twig song Only One:

I reunited with my pals in Half Waif for a Tiny Desk concert last fall:

I made music for this New York Times doc about antibiotics:

I made an album called The Only Thing with the brilliant band Thelma. This was a big project: I produced, engineered, played a bunch of instruments, and mixed. Working with them was incredible and I’m really proud of this record…here’s the album and some music videos:

The Only Thing by Thelma

I recorded this album by improvising trio Sound Underground:

Power of Three by Sound Underground

I helped Renata Zieguer put together this EP of covers and original songs. We worked on reimagining her song Gravity, taken from her last album. She played all the instruments on this, quite wonderfully.

Faraway Business by Renata Zeiguer

I made an EP with Belgian vocalist/composer Charlotte Jacobs. This is another big engineering/playing instruments/mixing project…Charlotte is wonderful and I can’t wait to share the full thing. The first single is out with this wonderful music video:

I made the intro song to new podcast None of the Above, a political show from Mark Hannah about why the military should be way way way way smaller.

Ok I think that’s it! Gonna try to keep this more updated, lots of other fun projects nearing completion. Hope you’re doing well.



new twig twig album, ian davis cello/guitar, Vital Voices films, Crown Jewel, Wild Inside, final westerlies shows

hello, i have a few things to share:

first, some news – i’ve decided to leave the westerlies to focus more on my recording work and personal music. it’s been a beautiful 6.5 years with these boys, looking forward to playing two last shows with them in the pacific northwest: 5/23 in Seattle at The Royal Room and 5/27 in Twisp, WA at the Merc Playhouse.

i released a new album under my solo project name ‘twig twig’. you can check it out on bandcamp below or on the streams here.

i got to score a new 14 minute short film by the brilliant Andrew Ellis. in his words it is: A haunting short about inmates in the Arizona state-prison system working to break wild horses as they prepare for their own release.

i had the privilege of scoring two short documentaries about grant winners of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards. on these scores i had the chance to collaborate with a few wonderful musicians: on the Kiran Bir Sethi film I worked with vocalist Shilpa Ananth, for the Linah Khalifeh one I worked with oud-ist Hadi Eldebek and percussionist Ramzi Edlibi. these films were both directed and edited by the fantastic Riley Hooper!

last year i recorded and mixed a few beautiful pieces my pal Ian Davis wrote for cello and guitar. happy this music is finally out in the world : )

I also got to do some mastering for a great new album by Crown Jewel. I haven’t done much mastering, but this was very fun…got to really blow the top off these crunchy jams.

see ya,


twig single/Hannah Epperson/Secret Sibling/Lucky Chops/Jonah PJ/Pema

well, it’s snowing in nyc, but technically it’s spring, so this blog is coming out of hibernation. here are a few things i missed this winter:

the first single of my new twig twig album came out on thrd coast! you can also now preorder that album here.

I had the great joy of working with Hannah Epperson again on her new album, slowdown. just like on her last one, she recorded the same 5 songs twice: the first half, ‘Amelia’, is more electronically produced (brilliantly done by Stint), the second side, ‘Iris’, is more stripped down and acoustic. for this album, she recorded the Iris side alone in my apartment while I was out of town, then I mixed it in a bleary-eyed week last november. I’m really in love with this music.

Secret Sibling is a solo project by one of my favorite people/musicians, Michael Sachs. I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for the music this guy makes, it’s been a major inspiration in my life the last few years. so, you can imagine my excitement that I got to mix this beautiful album! (other than two songs)

I did a remix for baritone saxophonist Jonah Parzen-Johnson. I’ve heard jonah play in many contexts over the years, from his acoustic solo saxophone shows to horn section duties in bands like Zongo Junction and Landlady. for this remix i thought it would be fun to build a ‘band’ around his solo music, sort of drawing a line between the different kinds of music he’s involved in. i wrote the lyrics just kind of riffing on his title of the song. it premiered on thrd coast last week.

I played trumpet on this new Pema song!

last year I got to produce a few songs for dreamy brass boy band Lucky Chops. I’ve known these guys a long time and it was incredibly fun to hang in the studio with them for a few days. they’re using this first track from our collaboration to promote their fundraising campaign for a new album, check that out here! they also released this wild animation video for it today:

thanks for reading!


dave douglas/iris lune/zusha/website

hi! i have some things to share:

The Westerlies just released a new collaborative album with trumpet hero Dave Douglas and drum wizard Anwar Marshall.

I did some production work on this new song by BK indie babes Iris Lune (some drum programming and vocal editing, also played some piano and a toy music box):

I played some trumpet on this new album by Hasidic/Soul/Folk band Zusha (I’m on Yalla, Ahrei, and Hatikva):

And, I made a new website! It has all the work I do as a freelancer organized in a nice way. Check it out here –

Also, as part of making the website, I put together a spotify playlist with a bunch of streaming music I’ve been a part of:

Clara Strauch, Jamie Reynolds, +Pool, shows


the first single is out from an album I produced/recorded for swedish singer Clara Strauch. it’s called weeds and i played a bunch of instruments on it and her album art is cool!

jamie reynolds is a jazz pianist from toronto. last year he contacted the westerlies with an interesting project proposal: he was making an album with his band and he wanted us to arrange brass quartet versions of a few of the songs, to be recorded and interspersed throughout the record. we said yes, we did it, it was fun, the tracks turned out nice, and now the album is out! on a personal note, there are very few recordings on the internet of me improvising on the trumpet, but i did it on a track on this album called ‘Lake Cycle’.

i have a little song in this Neil Patrick Harris-narrated promo video for the +Pool (a floating swimming pool that will eventually be in the east river). it was directed by superfriend bianca gaiever and, as usual, she did a great job. my song is the one that starts at 6:36ish and goes til like 7:39.

bunch of fun shows coming up in the next month:

8/29 – twig twig @ threes brewing (brooklyn, NY) w/ live band (2 clarinets and a bass)

9/18 – westerlies @ threes brewing (brooklyn, NY)

9/23 – westerlies w/ Fleet Foxes @ hollywood bowl (Los Angeles, CA)

9/24 – westerlies w/ Fleet Foxes @ comerica theatre (Phoenix, AZ)

9/25 – westerlies w/ Fleet Foxes @ santa fe opera (Santa Fe, NM)

9/27 – westerlies w/ Fleet Foxes @ red rocks amphitheatre (Morrison, CO)

Westerlies – Art Zone, Fleet Foxes shows. Twig twig steaming and streaming

Some new Westerlies live videos are out from the Seattle Channel show ArtZone with Nancy Guppy. We performed A Nearer Sun and So So Shy in studio.

Over the last two weeks we’ve had the great honor of playing a few shows with Fleet Foxes, who’s album we recorded on last year. Our involvement in the performance has grown over these dates: in addition to playing section parts throughout the show, we’re now opening the set with A Nearer Sun and an arrangement of the opening track of their album. We’re flying west to play the Outside Lands festival with them in San Francisco this Friday.

Westerlies MPP.JPG

Merriweather Post Pavilion

Also i just made myself a new twig website! I finished a new album and am cooking up some release plans, much more to come on that. Had a fun live band show last week with a familiar horn section…

twig twig - mjm.jpg

twig twig at Mason Jar Music

Fleet Foxes, Vivian Stancil film

Hey summer funners, two new things are out:

I’m very honored to have played some trumpet on the new fleet foxes album with the rest of the westerlies. We’re on a few tracks throughout the album, but our big moment is on the last track – the album closes out with just Robin and us for a few minutes. Also psyched that many of our NYC buds took part on the album: Hannah Epperson played a bunch of violin throughout, Jon Seale/Mason Jar Music organized a string section, and Gabriel Gall did some arrangements. Seattle and NYC collision!

And, this is a short film I scored about a blind woman who learned to swim at the age of 49. It was directed by the Very Brilliant Riley Hooper, check out some of her other wonderful work.

If you’re in NYC – The Westerlies are doing a show at Joe’s Pub on July 9 with some amazing friends: Theo Bleckman, Kate Davis, Vuyo Sotashe, Samorah Pinderhughes, Sarah Kay, and Phil Kaye. Yowza.